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Questions for Mr Reynolds

Questions for Mr Reynolds

A documentary about the artist John Reynolds

John Reynolds is well-known as the painter, photographer and landscape artists who represented New Zealand at the last Sydney Biennale and was recently made a Laureate by the Arts Foundation of NZ. This feature-length documentary is an intimate portrait which tracks him through an extraordinary year during which he creates a huge painted work in Sydney called 'Cloud,' collaborates with architects to design a hotel in Auckland, redesigns the iconic NZ Swanndri, tattoos a friend, appears as a character in a popular cartoon series, does Samuel Beckett style performances in a bizarre camouflage suit, and makes extraordinary large scale landscape works in Otago and Kaipara.

With total access behind the scenes, the documentary shows us how John conceives and develops his adventurous projects. There is also fascinating personal history such as the story of 'John's Diner,' the legendary Auckland cafe that he ran in the early '80's, and an account of how John started out as an artist.

Questions for Mr Reynolds screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival 2007 in Auckland and Wellington.

Questions for Mr Reynolds also played on TV One's Artsville 2007.

64 minutes

Commissioned for TVNZ's Artsville.


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