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Boy indulges with a donut
Brain sends a text to the boy
Buying lunch
Body Parts giving the eat healthy message
Stay in Touch

Stay in Touch was commissioned by the Diabetes Projects Trust as part of their Adolescent Project which aims to reduce the incidence of type 2 Diabetes in youth.

A drama with talented local actors, Stay in Touch was filmed by Leon Narbey (Whale Rider). The story revolves around Sam, who lives a typical 13 year old lifestyle until his body objects and starts communicating with him through text messaging.
This popular video is aimed primarily at pre-adolescent and adolescent audiences. It has also screened on TV One (TVNZ).

Winner of an award for creative excellence in the US International Film and Video festival.

Available on DVD from:
Diabetes Projects Trust (09) 273 9650




Boy texting at school desk