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A disabled woman takes to the air
Kayleen meets with her support worker
A disabled man goes canoeing
Loren in the pool
Blind brother and sister musicians
A disabled woman rock climbing
Partially sighted melodie practices Aikido
Disabled child scuba diving
People First Meeting
A disabled man in a wind powered beach buggy

Inside Out (a series about disability which screened on TV One).
Shirley Horrocks produced and directed
50 documentaries for this series.

Some of our title include:

Inscape Artists
This documentary about artists who have experience of mental health issues won the Premier Award (across all media) in the first Like Minds Like Mine Awards.

Sara and Sonia
Another documentary about the remarkable sisters Sara and Sonia (also featured in See What I Mean). We meet Sara and Sonia as teenagers and learn from them about Deaf culture.

Four married couples with intellectual disabilities talk about their lives.

Go Achilles
A New Zealand team, lead by Minnie Baragwanath compete in the New York Marathon. The atheletes were supported by Achilles Internatonal NZ an organisation which encourages people with a range of disabilities to compete in main stream sporting events.

A Delicate Quest
This documentary follows a group of people with mental health issues as they write, design, produce and perform their own original play with Warwick Broadhead, the well-known actor and director.

Busting With Life
An Auckland team of women, who have all had experience of Breast Cancer, compete in the International Dragon Boat Championships. Inspiring stories of bravery and determination.

Catherine Chappell and Dancers
Catherine Chappell, well-known New Zealand dancer, leads her Mixed Ability Dance Company Touch Compass. Some members of this professional dance company are disabled and some are able-bodied. Chappell’s spectacular choreography includes dancers in wheelchairs who swing high above the stage.

The story of New Zealand dancer Suzanne Cowan who was part of the famous English Dance Company Candoco. We see Suzanne (who is in a wheelchair as a result of a motor accident in her twenties) as she dances with the company and leads a busy life in London.

Four Women
Four women with mental health issues talk frankly about their lives.

People First
An inspiring look at the organization People First, a self-advocacy group for people with intellectual disabilities.

Talented singers including Caitlin Smith, Diane Mikkelson, and Ju Hyeon Han, perform and talk about their lives and careers.

Richard Von Sturmer
One of New Zealand’s most talented writers and actors talks about his life and work.

Four Senses
The Aotea Youth Symphony presents a concert designed to give the hearing and sight-impaired a unique multi-sensory experience - through sound, light, smell (fragrances) and touch (tactile devices). The programme includes items from the concert, and talks with those involved.

Public Lives, Private Phobias
Four public figures – Mike Chunn, Mike Corcoran, Liz Gordon, and Mahinaarangi Tocker - talk about how they live successful lives in spite of the phobias they have had to contend with.

Life is sometimes difficult for the siblings of disabled brothers or sisters. This documentary follows a weekend ‘sibling camp’ where a group of young people of all ages are enjoying themselves and swapping stories about their lives.

Back Up
A group of people with disabilities as a result of back injury go off on an adventure weekend organized by 'Back Up,’ an organization which offers people with disabilities a full range of outdoor pursuit opportunities. As the weekend progresses, barriers are broken and many of the group go far beyond their comfort zones.

Shared Care
A documentary that looks at shared care, an alternative way of caring for disabled people whose care is putting their families under severe strain.

These documentaries are all 27 minutes long.

These titles and many more that were produced by Point of View Productions are available from Nga Taonga (www.ngataonga.org.nz)