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Ensemble: Theatre Corporate presents ‘The Seagull’ by Anton Chekhov, documents an important phase in New Zealand theatre history. It follows Raymond Hawthorne and his “ensemble” cast of actors at Theatre Corporate for three months in 1979 as they work towards a production of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov – from the creation of Ian Aitken’s stage model through to opening night.

The advent of Theatre Corporate was a major development for drama in Auckland. Raymond Hawthorne returned to New Zealand in 1971 to work at the Mercury Theatre, and in 1974 he was the driving force for the formation of Theatre Corporate. He was Director of the group for eight years. Many of New Zealand’s leading actors such as Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Roy Billings, Maya Dalzell, and Sylvia Rand trained at Theatre Corporate. Its productions were always memorable – and Chekhov’s plays inspired some of the company’s best work.

This was Shirley Horrocks’s first documentary, made 30 years ago when she was studying for the Diploma of Drama at Auckland University. Some restoration work has been done to preserve this unique record of New Zealand drama history.


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