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Dancing with Atoms: Paul Callaghan

Sir Paul Callaghan was a great scientist who was honoured internationally but also became a famous local figure through his talks about science with Kim Hill, his work for the environment, his links with writers and artists, and his great campaign to make New Zealand 'A place where talent wants to live.'

In this film director Shirley Horrocks focuses on the microscopic world that so entranced Sir Paul. He became a world expert on magnetic resonance, like a choreographer able to direct the dance of atoms. The film includes a beautifully composed mosaic of memories and anecdotes by his brother Jim, friends, students, colleagues, scientists and artists, eager to record his unique personality and vision.

This film has been funded by the MacDiarmid Institute, Callaghan Innovation, Massey Unversity, Kiwibank, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Royal Society Te Apaarangi, University of Auckland, Victoria Univeristy of Wellington,Univeristy of Otago, AUT, Waikato Univeristy and University of Canterbury.

102 minutes



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