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Portrait of Allen Curnow
Photo by Marti Friedlander

Curnow with Denis Glover 1946


Early Days Yet

Early Days Yet

Allen Curnow was one of the greatest of New Zealand writers, with a major international reputation. Winner of 7 New Zealand Book Awards and the Commonwealth Poetry Prize, he was the first person outside Britain to receive the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry. This is the only documentary to explore Curnow’s remarkable life and work. It’s a compelling close-up portrait of a man who worked on the cutting edge of literature for nearly 70 years. Beautifully filmed by Leon Narbey, with music by Jonathan Besser and Douglas Lilburn, the film takes Curnow to the scenes of many of his most important poems - from New Zealand’s South Island landscapes and Auckland’s West Coast beaches to the streets of Rome. It provides vivid access to Curnow’s work by dramatised versions of his poems and by his own fascinating comments on writing.

Screened on TV One (TVNZ) and as part of the 2001 New Zealand International Film Festivals. Screenings by the ABC (Australia) and The Documentary Channel (NZ).

"It is good that Curnow allowed a film-maker as deft and careful as Horrocks to finally tell us about him."
Greg Dixon, New Zealand Herald.

Read Greg Dixon's review

73 minutes.

 Australian Agent:
Tim Curnow: agent and consultant
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