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Peter Peryer: The Art of Seeing has Festival screenings in 11 cities

Peter Peryer (who died in November 2018) is one of New Zealand's greatest photographers. For four decades Peryer pioneered and championed the art of photography and created a major body of work. He was a deeply thoughtful and inspiring person. In an era when the world is flooded with amateur photos taken casually, it is crucial to learn how photography can also be an art – and to learn this from someone dedicated and passionate in his hunt for unique images. Shirley Horrocks was able to do a number of interviews with Peryer over the last two years.
The film has been described as 'a masterclass in photography' and a great testament to this artist's life and career. Bill Gosden wrote about it: "Utterly engaging. A perceptive and richly illustrated portrait of such a major visual artist." And Rebecca McMillan of the NZ International Film Festival said: 'It is Horrocks' one-on-one time with Peryer amongst his vibrant gallery of work that beautifully frames the man and the artist. His home is alive with work past and future, with curiosities on every shelf and nature ready to inspire in every corner…. Anyone unfamiliar with his work will become a ready convert through the course of the film. It is an essential homage to the great photographer's life-long dedication to seeing and creating works of art out of the everyday.'
Peter Peryer: The Art of Seeing is the 12th feature-length documentary directed by Shirley Horrocks to be screened by the NZ International Film Festival. It will be presented by the NZIFF in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Hawkes Bay, Masterton, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Tauranga.
The film has had the support of Creative NZ, Boosted, the Charnwood Trust, the Charnsworth Trust, the Art and Education Trust, the New Plymouth Dstrict Council, Tony Green, Clovis Peryer and Boosted (The Arts Foundation).




Photo of Peter Peryer

Photo of Peter Peryer

Photo of Peter Peryer



'Dancing with Atoms: Paul Callaghan'

Premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festivals 2018

Sir Paul Callaghan was a great scientist who was honoured internationally but also became a famous local figure through his talks about science with Kim Hill, his work for the environment, his links with writers and artists, and his great campaign to make New Zealand 'A place where talent wants to live.'.

In this film director Shirley Horrocks focuses on the microscopic world that so entranced Sir Paul. He became a world expert on magnetic resonance, like a choreographer able to direct the dance of atoms. The film includes a beautifully composed mosaic of memories and anecdotes by his brother Jim, friends, students, colleagues, scientists and artists, eager to record his unique personality and vision.

This film has been funded by the MacDiarmid Institute, Callaghan Innovation, Massey Unversity, Kiwibank, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Royal Society Te Apaarangi, University of Auckland, Victoria Univeristy of Wellington,Univeristy of Otago, AUT, Waikato Univeristy and University of Canterbury






Point of View documentary showing on SKY's Arts Channel

Free Theatre: the 37 year experiment

Award-winning director Shirley Horrocks has specialised in profiling creative people who deserve to be better-known, and Free Theatre is one of her most dramatic discoveries. She has drawn upon the company's extensive archive and the filming she has done over six years. Free Theatre premiered in the 2017 International Film Festival.

This documentary is a must-see for anyone with an interest in theatre, live performance, or the arts. Indeed, it's an entertaining and memorable film for everyone, as it introduces the colourful, creative individuals in one of New Zealand's most extraordinary groups - Free Theatre - with its amazing 37 year range of innovative drama!

Shirley says "it's a story for all New Zealanders as it's about a creative group trying to do something fresh and adventurous in this country and how hard it is to survive. The amazing thing is that they've managed to keep their edge for 37 years."

"37 years on Free Theatre has proven as definitive and resilient a Christchurch institution as the one it set out to oppose and richly deserving of this salute from New Zealand's most dedicated and attentive documentarian of art and artists." NZIFF Programme




Free Theatre performing

Free Theatre performing




TOM WHO? The Enigma of Tom Kreisler
premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival in 2015.

[From the NZ International Film Festival programme:] Shirley Horrocks' doco sheds new light on the life and art of Tom Kreisler, a 20th-century New Zealand painter with scant interest in landscape but a strong affinity with Mexican traditions and the wit and verve of Pop Art.If the art of Tom Kreisler (1938–2002) remains a secret, Shirley Horrocks' richly illustrated doco does everything right to make it less so. A uniquely cosmopolitan figure in the New Zealand arts scene, he grew up in Argentina, the son of Austrian refugees from Nazi Europe. At age 13 they sent him to Christchurch, where a well-to-do uncle and aunt adopted him. (Ian Athfield was a boyhood friend.) He left New Zealand and travelled the world before returning and entering art school. In his first dealer show, with what proved to be characteristic Pop Art verve he mocked the Arts Council 1967 tour of a replica of Michelangelo's David by exhibiting a giant painting of the statue's penis. Averse tomarketing and the politics of the art world, he preferred to live with his family in New Plymouth and do his own thing, teaching art to high school students, though at one point he attempted a break for Mexico. Exploring the artist's inspiration, Horrocks heads to Mexico too, to explore the Day of the Dead culture that was a lifelong influence. Back in New Zealand, family, curators and numerous artists share their stories, making those of us who never met the man wish that we had.

Now Available on DVD.









Whaea Merimeri Penfold 1920-2014

We are saddened by the death of our friend and whaea, Merimeri Penfold. We had the great privilege of knowing and working with whaea Merimeri and we were honoured to be able to record her life and work in a documentary, He Wawata Whaea. We have wonderful memories of our time with Merimeri making the documentary, they are memories we will treasure and never lose.

Merimeri was a champion of te reo Maori, a beloved teacher, a composer of waiata and haka and an inspiration to many. She will be greatly missed.

For the documentary He Wawata Whaea,about Merimeri Penfold click here






Gus Fisher - Fashion Pioneer

In 2010 Shirley Horrocks did an in depth interview with Gus Fisher about his award winning fashion label El Jay and his early years in New Zealand fashion manufacturing. Gus Fisher went on to manufacture Chirstian Dior under license in New Zealand and earned a prominent place in New Zealand fashion history. Gus died shortly after this interview and so it is now a precious archive.

Point of View Productions have since made a full length documentary that expanded on Gus's interview and looked more widely at the business and how it fitted into the growth of the fashion industry in New Zealand as a whole.






Watch interview exerpt





Station of Earth-Bound Ghosts

To celebrate the launch of NAMELESS /REDUX, the last major work by poet and artist Leigh Davis, Point of View is making available copies of its video documentation of Davis’s earlier project STATION OF EARTH-BOUND GHOSTS.
In 1998, with the help of a skilled team, Davis created a series of poems in the form of exquisitely made flags. These were exhibited in the main concourse of the building that had once been Auckland’s central railway station. The flags added up to a kind of long poem, whose central character is the 19th century Ringatu prophet and guerrilla leader Te Kooti.
To promote awareness of Davis’s extraordinary art, the DVD of STATION OF EARTH-BOUND GHOSTS, which includes behind-the-scenes coverage of how the work was made, can be purchased from this website for $15, plus $5 packaging and postage in New Zealand. (Check with us for overseas rates.) Click here to see our shop
For other work by Leigh Davis, check out the website http://jackbooks.com









LEN LYE the opera

Point of View Productions provided the moving images for Len Lye the opera. The colourful life and times of Len Lye, the one-of-a-kind artist and film-maker who pursued a philosophy of 'Individual Happiness Now,' is now the subject of a 21st century opera. It was presented 5th - 8th September 2012 at the Maidment Theatre, Auckland and enjoyed a sell out season and great reviews.


New Zealand Herald - William Dart

Theatre Review
ABC Radio
Nightline TV3







Successful shoot in Venice

A crew from Point of View Productions, which included cinemotographer Leon Narbey, travelled to Italy to document Michael Parekowhai's work at the Venice Biennale 2011.

The Venice Biennale is the pre-eminent global contemporary visual arts event attracting a host of international artists, curators, critics and collectors.

Michael Parekowhai is one of New Zealand's most important contemporary practitioners. In addition to an extensive exhibition history, his work is held in all significant public and private collections throughout New Zealand and Australia, as well as major works in permanent collections across the Asia-Pacific region and Europe.



The Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore (left)
The Palazzo Loredan dell'Ambasciatore (left)

Story of a New Zealand River
Story of a New Zealand River

Chapman's Homer
Chapman's Homer